Wood Sealer

CHEMWRAP’s wood sealant products are proven to give superior protection to decks, docks, beach walkovers, playgrounds—any wood structure that needs protection from the elements.  In addition, our blended chemical products provide a beautiful finish that lasts longer than any other solutions on the market.

Our surface coating solutions protect infrastructure vertical or horizontal.  Slip and fall accidents are significantly reduced because our solutions form a chemical bond to the original structure at a molecular level. They also protect from UV rays, water intrusion and create a barrier to stop attacks from oils, spillage, and normal environmental stresses.

Products come in clear and can be matched to any color your organization specifies.

Walkabout Wood Deck Solutions

Product features:

  • Easy application. Single coat application with minimal site prep
  • Available in Clear or any color needed
  • Earth-Friendly, Water based—Very low VOCs
  • Barefoot friendly—unique anti-slip coating with no harmful silicas
  • Safe footing in wet conditions reduces chance of slip-and-fall accidents
  • Repels water
  • Stops mold and mildew build-up
  • UV blockers prevent deterioration
  • Scuff and impact resistant
  • Protects the substrate
  • Non-water whitening