In the world of Anti-Water Intrusion, CHEMWRAP offers multiple solutions based on the substrates that need to be coated with our water repellents.

There is no doubt that by preventing water ingress into a structure, damage is dramatically reduced. But the key question is how?  Treatment with water repellents – called “Hydrophobation” – keeps water out and maintains the substrate water vapor permeability.

​All of our AWI products prevent water ingress with our deep penetrating hydrophobizing impregnation with beading effect. Water repellent molecules are smaller than the pores of the substrate. Due to this and low viscosity, they penetrate deep into the building material and chemically bond to the inner pore walls, rendering the substrate hydrophobic. External water is kept from entering the pores, while water vapor generated from within the structure can still escape. Therefore, the structure remains breathable.

The deeply penetrating protection has two major advantages: neither UV radiation nor mechanical wear can erase and thus weaken the AWI Protection.

​AWI products provide protection for mineral-building materials both interior and exterior: natural stone, sandstone, terra-cotta, pressed cementitious tiles, ceramic, limestone, marble, granite and various types of pavers including but not limited to concrete, clay bricks (Tumbled and Wausau). These products provide easy-to-clean surfaces reducing the growth of algae and moss, reducing UV and weathering damage.

•    An increased service life
•    Lower maintenance costs
•    An attractive appearance
•    A more durable structure
•    Energy savings

Prevention of:
•    Corrosion of reinforcing steel
•    Efflorescence
•    Salt burst and sulfate attack
•    Freeze-thaw damage
•    Acid rain attack
•    Algae, mildew, and moss