Local, state, and federal governments have mandated that environmentally safe, Air Quality Management Board (AQMB), and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) compliant products be used for prevention and removal of graffiti. CHEMWRAP provides a comprehensive list of anti-graffiti offerings. Our Anti-Graffiti Protective Coatings are single application solutions suitable for use over metal, concrete, brick, stone, wood, fiberglass and pre-existing coatings.

The single component, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV), moisture-cure polysiloxane products provide excellent durability and long service life. As a result of its specific chemistry, polysiloxane forms chemical bonds with the host surface to enhance adhesion properties without the need for abrasive blasting, priming and extensive site preparation. Due to the hydrophobicity of the coating, graffiti-tagging can easily be removed from protected surfaces without the need for chemicals.

​All of CHEMWRAP’s Anti-Graffiti Protective coatings are Type Three Protective Coatings (Permanent & Water Cleanable). CHEMWRAP’s Anti-Graffiti Technology takes the battle to the taggers and actually deters them from the act of vandalism.

Our unique high-slip, anti-stick, and abrasion-proof resins & additives do not allow paint, coatings, stickers or adhesives to adhere to the coating’s film. When a tagger begins to vandalize a protected surface, the spray paint will crawl together and it will literally run down off the surface. The tagger is not able to achieve his goal forcing him/her to go elsewhere.

​Our Architectural Anti-Graffiti coating is specially formulated to work on precast stone and surfaces. This coating is mostly used on city buildings where the stone detail must remain the same after coating.


•    Easy application – single coat application with minimal site preparation.
•    100% Coverage – Can be used to cover existing graffiti and protect against future attacks
•    Matches Your Surface – Available in 25+ Weather Tested Colors
•    Cost effective – less labor and application costs.
•    Versatility – Use on metal, concrete, brick, stone, wood, fiberglass and pre-existing coatings.
•    Superior Performance – Most graffiti can simply be washed off using a pressure washer.
​•    Non-sacrificial – long lasting, durable.
•    Quick Dry Time – tack free in 60 minutes; cure time 4-6 hours.
​•    Environmentally Responsible – VOC compliant, no harsh chemicals needed for cleaning, long useful life.
​•    Mural Coating –protection from the elements and graffiti attack.
​•    5 Year Limited Warranty