CHEMWRAP’S Anti-corrosion coatings are cost-saving solutions to protect against corrosion.

All of our Anti-corrosion coatings are single component, one-coat applications suitable for above grade use in both new and retrofit applications. These room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV), moisture-cure polysiloxane products provide excellent durability, breathability and long service life.

The coatings form chemical bonds with the host surface to enhance adhesion without the need for abrasive blasting, priming and extensive site preparation. With high elasticity properties, the coating remains flexible and will stay intact without cracking or tearing through thermal expansion and contraction.

Our Anti-corrosion coatings are available in multiple colors in our regular version and a low VOC version as well.

Typical applications include structural steel, bridges, machinery and equipment, areas with heavy corrosion, tank exteriors, metal roofs, cladding, etc.

​•    Easy application – self-priming single coat with minimal surface preparation (no blasting required) – less labor cost.
•    Advanced performance – primary bonds form with the substrate, increasing adhesion.
•    Cost effective – apply less product (8-12 mils DFT) for superior protection.
•    180% Elasticity – allows for thermal expansion and contraction of the substrate and helps to eliminate rust creep.
•    Long lasting – durable UV and chemical resistant.
•    Polysiloxane technology – has the ability to bridge hairline surface cracks.
•    Aesthetically pleasing – matte finish available in 40+ colors that have​ passed 5,000 hours in QUV.
​•    Quick return to service – tack-free in 60 minutes; cure time 4-6 hours.
•    Environmentally responsible – VOC compliant and has a long lifespan.
​•    5 Year Limited Warranty