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Why Choose Chemwrap?

The Gold Standard

Ultimate protection through specialized coatings, require top grade equipment to get the job done. The trade tools used by our professional teams have been developed, tested and refined over many years, and today represent the “gold standard” in our industry.

Trained & Certified

All of our certified technicians participate in rigorous training programs in order to provide the guaranteed service only Chemwrap can offer. Each of our coating products meet or exceed government environmental standards, and are only applied by professional coating specialists.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Solid solutions, top-grade products, and competitive pricing make it easy to guarantee satisfaction. As a leader in the industry, Chemwrap’s level of protection and service, comes with assurance and promise.

Industry’s Best

Through scientifically advanced products, and highly trained technicians, Chemwrap delivers the most superior protection on the market with warranties that are unmatched.


When protecting surfaces and public structures involves multi-step processes, experience and details matter! Our skilled experts are the best in the business at applying the broadest range of protection against the harshest conditions.

Ongoing Support

We are here for the duration. Chemwrap is famous not only for our top-rated products and services, we are committed and recognized as a longterm partner for your protection. So let’s help you “Get Wrapped.”

Our Protection Solutions


Water intrusion can be tough to combat. Chemwrap solutions are tougher. Industry grade coatings repair, seal and protect against most future water damage.


Even concrete needs protecting. Deep penetration of proven coatings lock in protection to even the toughest concrete surfaces, providing safety and added-life to many types of concrete flooring.


Liability at your property and business are critical when hard surfaces are present. Slip-and-fall accidents are among the second largest cause of injury and death in the United States, and it’s critical to take proactive steps at protecting against incidents. Chemwrap has you covered with coatings that eliminate cause for concern.


With public art trending in urban core neighbohoods, the focus on protecting artwork is priority, in order to provide clean and pleasant communities. Chemwrap provides application of specialized coatings to protect against vandals and applied obstructions, so art in public places remains intact and unscathed.


Wood surfaces add beauty and character to public and residential areas alike. Unfortunately with wood comes treatment and upkeep against elements and environmental conditions. Chemwrap provides solutions that protect against mold, mildew and extend the life of many types of wood surfaces.


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